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Lower speed limit signs going up in Highland Haven

Highland Haven Drive

A new 25-mph speed limit sign will replace this 30-mph sign at the corner of Highland Haven Drive and Camp Road in Highland Haven. Staff photo by Jennifer Fierro

CORRECTION: The story was changed to indicate that the Highland Haven Board of Aldermen voted earlier this year to change the speed limit. The vote on Aug. 3 was to decide placement of the new speed limit signs.

Slow down in Highland Haven. The city will be posting new speed limit signs in the next few weeks, which is when the new, slower speed limit will be enforced. Adlermen voted earlier this year to drop the speed limit on Highland Haven Drive to 25 mph from 30 mph. At a meeting Aug. 3, they decided where to put the signs. The change goes into effect once the new signs are posted.

Mayor Olan Kelley said the board has talked about the possible change to the city’s speed limit for several months, giving everyone a chance to express their thoughts, including where the change should start. 

“The board has had plenty of time to discuss it, and the residents have had plenty of time to address it,” he said. 

In the end, the mayor said, aldermen voted to drop the limit for several reasons.

“We have a large amount of traffic,” he said. “We have lots of contract workers, lawn and maintenance workers, and construction workers who are in and out of the city. And, we have weekend traffic, folks who don’t live here but visit. From a safety standpoint, the board was concerned.”

Especially when it came to residents walking the road in the morning or evening, Kelley said. The city’s roads don’t have sidewalks, so exercisers are using the shoulders.

“We see lots of folks walking,” he said.