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Sierra Club activist to speak at Burnet County Democratic Club meeting

Annie Hartnett of the Sierra Club

The Sierra Club's Annie Hartnett is the guest speaker of the Burnet County Democratic Club on July 20. She will speak about the environmental impact of the Texas border wall. Courtesy and iStock photos

Annie Hartnett of the Sierra Club will speak at the Burnet County Democratic Club meeting Tuesday, July 20. It starts at 11:30 a.m. Guests can attend remotely via Zoom or in person at the club’s headquarters, 218 Main St. in Marble Falls.

“Annie is our first in-person speaker in more than a year,” said club President B.J. Henry. “She’s well-informed on the border issue.”

Hartnett will share photos and experiences from her trips to the border and “report on the real conditions on the ground as well as the impact of the border wall on the environment and community,” said club Vice President Mary Thompson.

The Sierra Club is an environmental organization with chapters across the United States.

Burnet County Democratic Club newsletter subscribers will receive detailed information about how to attend the meeting remotely or in person. All others may email for a Zoom link.

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1 thought on “Sierra Club activist to speak at Burnet County Democratic Club meeting

  1. Why doesn’t the Sierra club do something about using ethanol in auto gas? It takes more fossil fuel energy to make ethanol than the energy it provides. Additionally, the fertilizer used pollutes the Mississippi river.

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