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Horseshoe Bay celebrates its 50th and America’s 245th on July 4

Wildflower Dance Troupe

The Wildflower Dance Troupe, including members Catharine Farmer (left), Lafon Pearson, and Mary Daniel, are getting ready for their performance during Horseshoe Bay's Independence Day celebration on Sunday, July 4. Staff photo by Daniel Clifton

On the Fourth of July, Horseshoe Bay will celebrate two birthdays: the United States’ 245th and the city’s 50th. The event includes a spotlight on residents who have lived in the community since the 1970s, the release of the book “The Story of Horseshoe Bay, Texas — 1971-2021,” and Independence Day fun.

“When we started talking about the 50th anniversary, several said, ‘Don’t forget what this is about; it’s about the Fourth of July,” said Mary Daniel, special events coordinator for the Horseshoe Bay Property Owners Association, which is hosting July 4 activities. “We’ll have real tributes to our freedom, and we’re certainly honoring (the longtime residents). They are so thrilled. They settled here, lived here, and contributed to the community in various ways.”

Approximately 1,000 copies of “The Story of Horseshoe Bay, Texas,” a history of the city, will be on sale for $20 at Quail Point Lodge during the celebration. Written contributions came from the 14-member Horseshoe Bay History Group. 

Fourth of July activities begin with a land parade at 9:30 a.m. Sunday starting at Clayton Nolen Road and Hi Circle South, crossing FM 2147 to Horseshoe Bay Boulevard, and ending at Quail Point Lodge, 107 Twilight Lane.

Grand marshals are longtime Horseshoe Bay residents Ron Mitchell, Susie and Charlie Keiser, Mimi and Jim Blackmon, Betty Stopp, Dick Schumacher, Barbara Shields, and Eileen Hurd, the wife of the late Gordon Wayne Hurd. 

Gordon Hurd and his cousin Norman Hurd bought the 2,400-acre Coke Ranch on the southeast side of Lake LBJ in 1969. In that raw ranchland, the two envisioned what would become Horseshoe Bay. 

After the land parade, a dog parade hits the road on all fours at 10:15 a.m. followed at 10:30 a.m. by the popular boat parade, which spectators can watch from the lodge. The Highland Lakes Brass Quintet will perform at the same time inside the lodge. Then, resident Sharon Penny will sing “The Star Spangled Banner” before Mayor Cynthia Clinesmith introduces each grand marshal at 11:30 a.m. 

Other speakers are former Mayor Bob Lambert, “The Story of Horseshoe Bay, Texas” co-editor Jim Jorden, and two brothers who grew up in Horseshoe Bay: Zack and Ben Shields. Zack is now a meteorologist for Fox 7 Austin, and Ben works for KBEY 103.9 FM Radio Picayune, part of Victory Media, which also owns

Other activities include performances by the Wildflowers Dance Troupe, balloon art by Jack “Balloon Man” Byrd, and the signing of a giant Declaration of Independence with the assistance of George Washington, portrayed by Horseshoe Bay resident Richard Day.

Food and drinks will be available, including hot dogs and chips for 50 cents and free lemonade, popcorn, and watermelon.

The celebration culminates with Horseshoe Bay Resort’s fireworks display over Lake LBJ at 9:30 p.m.

“We have lots of stuff going on, lots of fun stuff,” Daniel said. 

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story said America is celebrating its 244th birthday. It’s actually its 245th.

2 thoughts on “Horseshoe Bay celebrates its 50th and America’s 245th on July 4

  1. The story of Horseshoe Bay is a city designed to keep the haves and the have nots separate. Enrich the residential areas where the wealthy live while claiming the reason they are ignoring the middle class areas don’t have enough people when that is false etc.

  2. Oops. It’s America’s 245th birthday not 244th. 2021-1776=245

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