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Marble Falls High School library vandalized

Marble Falls High School

The library at Marble Falls High School was recently vandalized, resulting in $8,000 in damages. File photo

What might have started as a senior prank recently rose to the level of vandalism in the Marble Falls High School library, school officials confirmed. The event did not occur during school hours. 

“The district is taking a very strong stance in regard to holding these students meaningfully accountable while also trying to demonstrate a level of grace that allows for restoration and protects the dignity of the families,” Marble Falls Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Chris Allen told 

No permanent damage occurred, but repairs will cost the district about $8,000, Allen said. 

“For this reason, I do not view this activity as a prank,” he continued. 

Posts on Facebook and Twitter reported rumors of a Snapchat video showing students burning books in the library. Allen said no books were burned. 

Snapchat is a a social media platform that automatically deletes posts shortly after they appear. Efforts by to verify the existence of such a video or find anyone who watched it were unsuccessful.

2 thoughts on “Marble Falls High School library vandalized

  1. I don’t believe it should cost the district $8,000 the students parents should have to pay for the damages. If my child was involved in something destruction in the past I paid for it and in turn she had to chores around the home or grandmother’s house to make up for it. That’s what is wrong with today’s children. No responsibility for what they do wrong

  2. shame on those boys they need to be held accountable for their actions
    the librarian works so hard to keep the library looking good

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