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Burnet senior Greyson Barnett epitomizes community, school involvement

Greyson Barnett

Burnet High School graduating senior Greyson Barnett landed a number of state titles over the past four years. He said the key to success is remaining engaged, active, and focusing on the task at hand. Staff photo by Daniel Clifton

When educators talk about a well-rounded student, they need only look to Burnet High School senior Greyson Barnett as an example.

During a recent Burnet Consolidated Independent School District board of trustees meeting, Barnett was a member of several groups honored.

“Yeah, I think it was four,” said Barnett days later, trying to remember. 

In fact, it was five.

With all of the school organizations and events in which Barnett is involved, it’s hard to see how he keeps up. He not only manages to do so but excels while doing it.

This year, Barnett earned two state titles with the 4-H wildlife judging and FFA range judging teams. It’s his third title for wildlife; he won one in FFA his freshman year and another in 4-H his sophomore year. He also served as the high school FFA chapter president the past two years.

Also this year, he got another state title as a member of the Bulldog FFA barbecue team, earned a spot on the Texas State Athletic Trainers’ Association Academic All-State Team, and advanced to the University Interscholastic League’s state choir solo and ensemble competition.

Barnett spent his freshman, sophomore, and junior years on a similar pace. 

“Greyson has strived to be the best at whatever endeavor he pursues,” said agriculture science teacher Shane Wigington. “He has competed on a number of teams within the FFA program. Coupled with his 4-H involvement, he will graduate a five-time state champion. If we add individual results to the mix, his state title count is seven. That, in itself, shows his dedication and pursuit of success.”

Barnett will continue to make a difference at Burnet High School, even after he graduates Friday, May 28.

“He has high standards for himself, which have permeated throughout our program,” Wigington said. “There is no doubt he has truly left his mark on the Burnet FFA program. He has set the bar high and given younger members something to aspire to.”

Barnett has learned how to manage all of his school work and projects as well as anything else life throws at him.

“My mindset is to look to the next thing and not get overwhelmed by everything else,” he said. “Once I finish this task, then I’ll focus on the next one.”

Barnett also relies on his religious beliefs to carry him along the way. His parents, Stacy and Bryan Barnett, instilled in him a strong faith over the years. Others have offered him additional guidance and direction on his faith walk.

“If I could only have one thing, it would be my faith,” Barnett said. “My faith is everything. It’s been important for me to look to God. It’s made hard things easier.”

After graduation on Friday, Barnett is off to Camp Deer Run, a Christian summer camp in Winsboro, where he’ll serve as a counselor. Then, in August, he heads to Abilene Christian University.

Barnett plans to major in both accounting and finance and minor in bible studies. 

As for any advice he’d share with high school students, especially incoming freshmen, Barnett said “try.”

“Don’t hold back because there are things you’re going to regret not doing,” he said. “Don’t be afraid to fail. I’ve been on the end of many failures, but just pick yourself up and keep going.”