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A lawsuit between Marble Falls-area plaintiffs and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and Asphalt Inc. (now doing business as Lone Star Paving) was put to rest May 23 once all involved parties signed off on a settlement agreement. The lawsuit, filed in 2017 over a proposed rock crushing plant, hit a dead end after landowners sold the property where the plant would be built. 

“The sale of the property has mooted the primary basis of the lawsuit in as much as Lone Star will no longer be operating a rock crusher facility on the property,” the settlement agreement reads.

Asphalt Inc. was previously granted permits for the plant by the TCEQ. The city of Marble Falls, Gregg Ranch developers, and two private landowners filed a joint lawsuit in 2017, claiming the TCEQ and Lone Star were violating the Texas Clean Air Act. 

The company previously planned to build the rock crushing facility on a leased, 500-acre property owned by 281 Creighton Ranch LLC. The property was sold to Thousand Oaks Group LLC on March 31 of this year.

The agreement states that all parties will hold others “without prejudice and … bear their own costs, expenses and attorney fees.” 

Additionally, Lone Star must provide all parties with written documents proving termination of the previous lease agreement and cancellation of the TCEQ permit registration. Also, the company must provide a recorded copy of the deed proving the transfer of property.

5 thoughts on “Marble Falls rock crushing plant canceled; lawsuit settled

  1. Great news and a win! Less trucks and dust, noise pollution. They should all
    be removed from city limits.

    1. Quarrying (Huber) and gravel/sand mining are by far the largest industries in the county. This type of NIMBY thinking is sad.

  2. So, once again the masters of Marble Falls have been successful in running of another employer who offered a family living wage (for 30-40 years), then, twist their arms patting their selves on the back for bringing 100 minimum wage fast food jobs. PROGRESS.

    1. You are right. Chased off another good employer. The company that bought the property though is out of HSB. Connected to Jaffe. Most likely it will be turned into high end homes which the fast food workers wont be able to afford.

    2. Asphalt inc. takes care of their guys. They look out for there employees like few asphalt and rock companies do in the area. That one they should have let get a foot hold in the area.

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