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Marble Falls library honors longtime friend Jane Knapik

Jane Knapik and Friends of the Marble Falls Library

The Friends of the Marble Falls Library board honored Jane Knapik (center) for her years of dedication and service to the library during a ceremony Wednesday, May 26. The board presented her with an apple to go on the tree of supporters in the library. Staff photo by Daniel Clifton

When Jane Knapik arrived in Marble Falls about 23 years ago, she began making a difference right away in local history and literary organizations, including the Friends of the Marble Falls Library.

“We all owe Jane a debt of gratitude,” said Gladys Tynes, a Friends board member. 

Tynes and several other board members shared some of the many things Knapik has done on behalf of the library and other organizations during a recognition ceremony for her Wednesday, May 26, at the library.

Knapik walked in unaware that the Friends group was honoring her.

“This day is your day,” said Friends board President Bill Gaylord.

Amanda Rose and Jane Knapik
Marble Falls Public Library Director Amanda Rose thanks Jane Knapik for her 20-plus years as a supporter of the library and community as a whole. The two co-authored the book ‘Images of America: Marble Falls.’ Staff photo by Daniel Clifton

The Friends group as well as Marble Falls Public Library director Amanda Rose presented Knapik with an “apple” for the tree located on the wall just inside the library’s entrance. Gaylord explained that apple tree originated in the 1990s at the former library site. When the Friends group was raising money for the current library, they placed an apple on the tree for each donor. 

Since the library’s move to 101 Main St. in October 1997, the Friends group has placed apples on the trees for financial supporters as well as those who have shown tremendous commitment to the library. Knapik, Gaylord said, has done just that over the years in the Friends group and as a patron of the Marble Falls Library Thrift Store, which supports the library.

Knapik is also involved in local history organizations, including the Burnet County Heritage Society, the Burnet County Historical Commission, and The Falls on the Colorado Museum. She is a charter member of the museum. 

Knapik has authored six books, including co-authoring “Images of America: Marble Falls” with Rose. It’s a pictorial history of the town and community. 

Rose expressed her thanks for all of Knapik’s work and dedication on behalf of the library and the community. 

4 thoughts on “Marble Falls library honors longtime friend Jane Knapik

  1. Can’t think of anyone more deserving of honors than Jane. She brightens every corner where she is.

  2. Jane Knapik is an extraordinary woman. Loving history and writing books. Love that she has been honored
    She also is a wonderful quilter and I am honored to be her friend.

  3. Congratulations Jane Knapik on getting your special library “apple”.

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