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More than 300 members of the Gypsy Motorcycle Club are expected to roar into Llano on Memorial Day weekend for the club’s annual gathering. City officials ask that locals and commuters be extra cautious on the roads while the bikers are in town.

“The club has been here before and has never caused any issues, so please do not be alarmed by the presence of motorcycles in the area,” the Llano Police Department wrote in a recent Facebook post. “We do ask everyone to please be alert and extra cautious when traveling due to the amount of motorcycle traffic in the area during this event.” 

The club’s convention is Thursday-Sunday, May 27-31, at the John L. Kuykendall Arena and Events Center, 2200 RR 152. Other locations across the area also will host events. 

In addition to taking scenic bike rides, members will participate in a dance and other activities over the long weekend. All weekend activities hosted at the event center are for club members only. 

The Gypsy Motorcycle Club is an international organization of motorcycle enthusiasts. It was founded in eastern Tennessee in the 1930s. Throughout the decades, the club has expanded into an international group with chapters in the United States, Mexico, Germany, and other countries. 

The Area D chapter of the club covers the Texas Hill Country, including Llano, Leander, Liberty Hill, and Round Rock. 

For more information about the Gypsy MC, visit its website.

1 thought on “300-plus-member Gypsy Motorcycle Club convenes in Llano for holiday weekend

  1. What a statement… Do not be alarmed? Are people in llano really alarmed by the presence of a lot of motorcycles? I hope they meant it a different way because it sounds pretty darn stupid.

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