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Meadowlakes officials are once again reminding residents to avoid animals that are behaving strangely after a rabid skunk bit a women several times on Sunday, April 25. A rabies test on the skunk came back positive Wednesday, April 27, after the euthanized animal was examined by the Texas Department of Health Services. 

The woman was taking her dog for a walk when the skunk attacked her outside of her fenced backyard. The skunk bit her at least five times on her leg and ankle.

Following the attack, the woman received medical treatment at a local hospital. 

According to an update in the Meadowlakes weekly newsletter, this is the first reported rabid animal attack in Meadowlakes this year. However, in December, another woman was attacked by a rabid fox. 

Residents should not approach animals acting strangely. Out-of-the-ordinary animal behavior should be reported to the animal control officer at 877-816-8136. 

Signs of rabies in animals include:

  • nocturnal animals being active in the daytime
  • aggressiveness
  • seizures
  • stumbling
  • vocalizing

The rabies virus can be transmitted to humans and other animals through the saliva of an infected animal. Once symptoms appear, rabies is almost always fatal. If you come into contact with a suspected rabid animal, seek immediate medical attention.

City officials are also urging resident to make sure their pets’ rabies vaccinations are up to date.