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Llano County increases brand filing fee

Llano County raises brand filing fee

Llano County has raised filing fees for animal and cattle brands. Owners now have to pay $26, up from $16, per location on the animal. Staff photo by Jennifer Greenwell 

Ranchers and livestock owners in Llano County will pay increased filing fees for animal brands following a March 22 decision by the Llano County Commissioners Court. The filing fee increased to $26 from $16 per brand and location on the animal. Ranchers with similar-looking brands register their specific design by where on the animal that brand is placed.

In many Texas counties, including Burnet, a $26 filing fee is the standard. 

Revenue made from the fee increase will go toward paying various county expenses, including covering salary increases from the past few years and a new permanent records book that cost about $2,000, Llano County Clerk Marci Hadeler said. 

Cattle and animal brands act as proof of ownership and are recorded by the county clerk. Brands must be registered every 10 years in the state of Texas. Registration for the upcoming 10-year period begins Aug. 31, 2021. The price increase will be in effect at this time.