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Horseshoe Bay residents: Kick your blue trash can to the curb

Waste Management replacing trash cans in Horseshoe Bay

Horseshoe Bay residents should leave their old blue trash cans on the curb starting April 5 so they can be replaced by green-and-yellow containers from Waste Management, the city's new trash collector. Staff photo by Jennifer Fierro

Waste Management has taken over as the city of Horseshoe Bay’s trash collector and will replace residents’ old blue receptacles with new green-and-yellow containers.

People living in condominiums with shared dumpsters will each receive their own carts during the exchange.

Starting Monday, April 5, residents should roll their blue carts to the street and leave them to be replaced. Exchanges will continue on April 6-7 on residents’ normal trash days.

“ … Don’t take that empty blue trash can back,” City Manager Stan Farmer said. “Leave it out there. …”

Waste Management Operations Manager Gary Gauci spoke to the City Council during its regular meeting March 16 about the exchanges. 

“We serve 1,000 to 1,200 homes a day,” he said. “Our main goal was to put a can at every house. We’ll replace every cart that’s out April 5.”

Waste Management will receive a list of addresses from the city’s utilities department.

Mayor Cynthia Clinesmith said it’s important the trash company starts the process soon.

“Half of our citizens will leave in May (due to being part-time residents),” she said. “The hope is to get done as much as you can.”

The city will get the word out to residents through its website and other communication. 

“We’ll have a catchy phrase: ‘Blue Out, Green In,’” Farmer said.