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Meadowlakes octogenarians tie the knot; ‘it seemed like the right thing to do’

Meadowlakes octogenarians tie the knot

Kent and Ruthann 'Fergy' Bailey of Meadowlakes sealed their wedding vows with a kiss on March 19, 2021, at First United Methodist Church of Marble Falls. Staff photo by Jennifer Fierro

Kent Bailey, 86, and Ruthann “Fergy” Ferguson, 80, both of Meadowlakes, officially became husband and wife on March 19, 2021, at First United Methodist Church in Marble Falls. The ceremony was officiated by the Rev. Ellen Ely. 

“It seemed like the right thing to do. We love each other,” Kent said. “And people who love each other get married.”

Neither had marriage on their mind when they met seven years ago at an anniversary party for Mary and Ed Kohl. Fergy arrived late and immediately found the couple to extend her congratulations on their 60 years together. After she finished, she was looking for a place to sit when she heard a voice.

“’There’s an open seat next to mine,’” Kent recalled saying. “It was dumb luck.”

“We sat and talked and drank wine,” Fergy said. “He asked me for my number. I thought I was in high school again. Then, he went his way and I went mine.”

Meadowlakes octogenarians tie the knot
The wedding party of Kent and Ruthann ‘Fergy’ Bailey: chaperones Dave and Roz Keeney (left), the Baileys, best man Ed Kohl and wife Mary, who served as matron of honor, the Rev. Ellen Ely of First United Methodist Church of Marble Falls, and videographer Mark Webb (back). Staff photo by Jennifer Fierro

When Kent didn’t call right away, Fergy took a walk. She was walking 4 miles a week after back surgery and decided to change her route one day after the party. She strolled past Kent’s home, hoping to catch him outside. No such luck. Time to create her own.

“I went to his door all sweaty,” she said. “I asked him, ‘How are you and what’s going on?’”

Kent invited her in.

“We talked further and made a date,” he said. “I was a little apprehensive at that point. Unlike high school, when boys are afraid of being rejected and don’t ask for a date, I was worried she’d say ‘yes’ and I’d be in some long-term relationship.”

That worry didn’t last long.

“We got along, we laughed, we started seeing each other on a routine basis,” Kent said. 

After a while, Fergy rented out her home and headed to Kent’s.

“Moving in together sort of happened. There was no plan involved,” he said. 

This is Kent’s second marriage. He was previously married for 54 years. His first wife died nine months before he met Fergy.

Fergy said she had a full life before meeting Kent and decided to embrace being single. Finding him was a pleasant surprise.

“He had asked me a couple of different times,” Fergy said. “I liked the sound of it. When he did ask, I was quite surprised.”

“Love indeed,” Kent said. “We love each other and will continue to.” 

As for the Kohls, the long-married couple who brought them together, Ed served as best man and Mary as matron of honor.