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The Burnet County Sheriff’s Office is reminding residents that deputies don’t demand payment to clear up fake warrants after at least three people reported a “deputy” had called and asked them to do just that.

On Tuesday, March 16, at least three people contacted the sheriff’s office after a person claiming to be “Officer King” from the BCSO called regarding warrants out for their arrest for failing to appear for jury duty. The person told them they could avoid arrest by making a payment over the phone and demanded they keep this secret or they will be arrested. 

BCSO officials said the scam appears to be targeting real estate agents.

When someone calls making these types of demands, officials say to hang up on them. BCSO officials added:

  • Demands for immediate payment over the phone to prevent arrest are a scam.
  • Demands for payment using gift cards are a scam.
  • Demands that you make gift card payments in secret are a scam.

Deputies urge residents to also tell their family members and friends not to fall for these types of scam. Once the funds are payed using a gift card, deputies said, they are almost impossible to recover. 

Anyone who has been called regarding this scam or others should contact their local law enforcement to report it.