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Rabid kitten found in Marble Falls, city’s first domestic case this year

Marble Falls reports first domestic case of rabies

Marble Falls Animal Control reported the first domestic case of rabies within the city on March 10. The infected kitten was found on a residential property on Avenue R. Staff photo

Marble Falls Animal Services recently reported the city’s first domestic case of rabies in 2021. The infected animal, a stray kitten, was found March 3 on a residential property located on Avenue R. The property owner reported the kitten to Animal Services after noticing it outside their garage. According to animal control officer Jacey Ferguson, no humans or animals were exposed to the infected feline.

Marble Falls officials are encouraging all residents in the area to monitor pets for unusual behavior and update rabies vaccinations.Common indicators of rabies include disorientation, seizures, excessive drooling, and frothing at the mouth. 

Residents should report any strange behavior observed from domestic and wild animals to Animal Services by calling 830-693-3612. 

Animal control reports are also frequently posted on the Marble Falls Police Department’s Facebook page.