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Storm hits Horseshoe Bay in the pocketbook

Horseshoe Bay Police Lt. Cole Reasor receives Preservation of Life Award

Horseshoe Bay Police Lt. Cole Reasor (center) received the Preservation of Life Award on Feb. 23 for giving CPR to a person in the H-E-B parking lot who had suffered a heart attack, saving her life. Presenting the award were Assistant Police Chief Jason Graham (left) and Police Chief Rocky Wardlow. Reasor’s wife, Camille, also attended the ceremony. Staff photo by Jennifer Fierro

The arctic blast that knocked out Texas last week also hit the city of Horseshoe Bay’s budget for more than $115,000 in overtime and repair expenses.

During the City Council’s regular meeting Tuesday, Feb. 23, Finance Director Margie Cardenas presented a spreadsheet with a breakdown of costs incurred.

The majority of the overtime hours came from the Utilities Department. Staff put in 835.5 overtime hours, which adds up to $30,379.13.

Much of that came while repairing a 12-inch sewer line, which cost $40,750 in supplies and materials.

Horseshoe Bay Police Officer Jeramy Gristy receives Police Chief's Citation Award
Horseshoe Bay patrol officer Jeramy Gristy (center) received the Police Chief’s Citation Award on Feb. 23 for helping the department develop its racial profiling report. His efforts resulted in the Horseshoe Bay Police Department being recognized by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement as a model agency for the proper reporting of racial profiling statistical data. Presenting the award were Assistant Police Chief Jason Graham (left) and Police Chief Rocky Wardlow. Staff photo by Jennifer Fierro

Cardenas said the staff is filing insurance claims for many repairs. Councilors had also approved a disaster declaration, which puts the city in line for possible federal funds.

The Horseshoe Bay Fire Department put in 618 overtime hours at a cost of $22,979.20. Fire Chief Brent Batla said that was for two reasons. 

“I brought in a crew the night before (the storm hit),” he said. “We upped staff and wanted to also double our strength. We stayed at a high level for six days until we were able to go back to normal. (During that time), we ran 10 percent of our call volume for this year.”

Horseshoe Bay Utilities Director Jeff Koska receives service award
Horseshoe Bay Plant Operations Supervisor Dane Bybee (left) received a five-year service award Feb. 23 from Utilities Director Jeff Koska. Staff photo by Jennifer Fierro

Firefighters answered calls for fire alarms and EMS that included people slipping on the ice and cars in ditches. 

The crews used brush trucks on a majority of the calls to keep the much higher-priced fire engines at the station unless they were absolutely needed in an emergency.