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UPDATE: Horseshoe Bay remains under boil water notice as city works on treatment

Horseshoe Bay water plant

One part of the filtration system at one of the Horseshoe Bay water plants that helps treat the water to make it safe for consumer use. Courtesy photo

While the city of Horseshoe Bay remains under a boil water notice, city employees are addressing the challenges in treating the water, said City Manager Stan Farmer. 

The difficulties arose earlier this week when the Pedernales Electric Cooperative implemented extreme conservation measures, including rolling power blackouts. The actions were directed by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas to all state power providers to protect the integrity of the statewide grid.

Horseshoe Bay’s two water plants couldn’t filter water and supply it to residents and businesses due to the intermittent power interruptions, so city workers installed a generator to offset the blackouts. 

“We couldn’t produce enough from the generator to meet the demand,” Farmer said. 

As of Thursday, Feb. 18, the water plants are getting enough electricity. Now it’s about producing enough to meet the needs of the city.

“We have power in the plant technically to produce enough,” Farmer said. “The challenges are in the equipment.” 

The city manager explained that treating the water is a complicated task and it must pass through multiple filters, equipment, and other tests before it can reach homes and businesses.

“We’re doing all we can to produce water to the system,” Farmer said. “We need the cold to go away and to figure out the strainers, which we are doing ourselves. All of our employees are trying to work on it.”

On its website, the city asks that residents “be very conservative” with their water to allow the system to fill back to capacity once service is restored.

As for the boil water notice, Farmer noted the city is following the order set by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality that requires municipalities to issue notices if water pressure drops below a certain level.

If residents have water, they should boil it vigorously for two minutes to use it for cooking, washing dishes, and brushing teeth. 

Residents who have broken pipes should call 830-755-3994 so city workers can turn off the water to that property until repairs are complete.

3 thoughts on “UPDATE: Horseshoe Bay remains under boil water notice as city works on treatment

  1. Please give update on water shutoff in Horseshoe Bay. Thanks

  2. For the record, the water has been shut off for two days and the number you list leads to a voicemail that has been full for those two days. Residents can’t talk to anyone with city about having no water except by calling the police department.

  3. We thank all the people who are stretching to alleviate water and electricity outages. And we want raise so many citizens who have checked on and provided water, blankets and food to the many in our Hillcountry community- Llano County, Marble Falls, Sunrise Beach, Granite Shoals, Meadowlakes, Cottonwood, Horseshoe Bay, and even the large & growing “neighborhood” of Kingsland
    Thanks, all you who have left the comfort of your own dwelling or budget.

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