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Skimmer found in Marble Falls Stripes pump

Card skimmer found in Marble Falls Stripes pump

An 'inline skimmer' was discovered Feb. 4 connected between the card reader and the circuitboard on pump No. 13 at the Stripes convenient store located in the 3500 block of U.S. 281 in Marble Falls. Courtesy photo

A skimming device was found at a Marble Falls Stripes convenience store Thursday, Feb. 4, in the 3500 block of U.S. 281, according to the Marble Falls Police Department. 

From the outside of the No. 13 pump, there was little indication a skimmer had been installed, but it was there on the inside of the machine between the card reader and the circuit board.

The device can collect an individual’s credit card information when they use the pump.

Another skimmer was found at a store in Lampasas, though the report does not state where it was located.

“I would encourage your readers to check for broken seals on the pump before they insert their cards,” Marble Falls Police Detective Sgt. Barry Greer said. “In the event they see the seal is broken, please have them report it to the store, law enforcement, or both.”

Anyone with information regarding the skimmer should contact the Marble Falls Police Department at 830-693-3611 or Hill Country Area Crime Stoppers at 1-866-756-8477 or through its website.