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Marble Falls EDC moves ahead with plan for Lakeside Park boardwalk

Old powerhouse could become part of Lakeside Park boardwalk

What remains of the old powerhouse building on the northwest side of the U.S. 281 bridge in Marble Falls could become part of a boardwalk in Phase 1B of the city’s Park Development Plan. Staff photo by Alex Copeland

A structural analysis of the historic powerhouse building on Lake Marble Falls was approved by the Marble Falls Economic Development Corp. at its meeting Wednesday, Feb. 3. The building is a possible feature in the next phase of the city’s Park Development Plan, which includes a boardwalk.

The EDC unanimously approved an expenditure not to exceed $30,000 for the assessment and geographic work necessary ahead of construction of the boardwalk. In one concept dependent on the outcome of the structural analysis, the boardwalk would proceed through the building. 

The next step in park development, Phase 1B, is to serve in part as a connection between a proposed hotel conference center while providing a space usable to the public.

Also during the EDC’s regular meeting, the board received its ninth Economic Excellence Recognition from the Texas Economic Development Council.

And a sales contract between Marble Falls EDC and Greenmark Marble Falls Mfg. LLC was approved for additional land in the Business and Technology Park. Greenmark, a manufacturer of tiny homes, already owns a parcel of land in the park and is expanding.

2 thoughts on “Marble Falls EDC moves ahead with plan for Lakeside Park boardwalk

  1. Isn’t there a story on this very site speaking to the high failure rates in the MFISD?
    Road and traffic issues…
    Substance abuse and the domestic violence that goes along with it.
    Check the current jail log article, again on this very site.
    As usual, all the problems facing this community are solved. Ergo… let’s spend a ton of money on something that’ll get washed away.
    But what’s new with the feel good politicians running out local communities.

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