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Burnet County Democrats toast Biden-Harris inauguration with virtual party

Presidential inauguration party

While thousands attended past presidential inaugurations in person, the Burnet County Democratic Club is hosting a virtual event Jan. 20, 2021.

The Burnet County Democratic Club is hosting a virtual inaugural celebration at 5 p.m. Jan. 20 via Zoom and Facebook Live.

Dubbed “Bubbly for Biden-Harris,” the event is a virtual toast to the new Whitehouse administration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on Inauguration Day.

“We’re coming together with some interesting things,” said club President B.J. Henry. “We’re going to interview people that have actually been to an inauguration. We’re going to have music and poetry and games and prizes and look at other people that are happy.”

The event will also include a video commemorating the club’s 2020 accomplishments.

The virtual get-together will round off with a toast. 

“It’s ‘bubbly,’ so it doesn’t have to be alcoholic, it just has to be bubbly,” Henry said. “We have someone that’s going to make themselves a peach Bellini because of Georgia. We have someone that’s going to have blue Champagne, and I’m going to have a soda ginger with probiotics because that’s healthy and it looks like Champagne in a bottle.”

Virtual partiers are encouraged to create their own cocktails and watch the event in a 2020 election T-shirt.

“We’re really proud of (Kamala Harris) and proud of Joe (Biden) and we’re glad they’re safe and we’re glad this madness is over and we’re going to ignore that and focus on the good, because that’s what Democrats do,” she said. “And, we love to party — any reason to celebrate.”

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