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Marble Falls holiday ice skating rink attracts 2,200 visitors and counting

Marble Falls holiday ice skating rink

Avery Wing (left) and Stella Evans enjoy an evening at the Marble Falls ice skating rink. Staff photo by Daniel Clifton

Nestled among the Walkway of Lights displays at Lakeside Park is Marble Falls’ newest Christmas tradition, an ice skating rink with real ice. Coinciding with the Christmas lights, it’s open through Jan. 2. 

The rink has attracted 2,200 visitors since its opening Nov. 20 through Dec. 6. 

“We’re doing well on attendance, and it’s been extremely positive so far,” said Director of Parks and Recreation Lacey Dingman. “We’ve got a lot of good compliments about it so far. That’s from residents and from people visiting from other communities.”

Skaters of all ages and skills are out on the ice. On one evening, elementary school students whizzed by adults who couldn’t break away from the handrails, and vice versa.

“Well, we’re Texans, so you’re seeing some people on the ground, but they’re meeting the challenge with a smile,” Dingman said. “Some people go out with a lot of confidence and they zip around the rink, and other people hug the rail. It seems like everyone is having a good time though.”

One adult skater, Andy Bergman of Georgetown, outfitted in a hoodie and cargo shorts, fell backward on the ice not long after he stepped onto the rink. 

“It’s much harder than it looks, really,” Bergman said. “I never really done much more than rollerblading, and this is totally different.” 

Wrapped in a blanket and standing to fight off the cold night air on Dec. 15, Carol Klepser of Marble Falls watched her children and husband skate deftly around the rink.

“They’re not experienced skaters, but they’re doing pretty good. There’s my husband over there. He rollerblades and he’s doing great,” she said. “The most important part is that they’re having fun.”

Lori Peterson, Camryn James, and Rita James run the booth for the ice skating rink, raising money for Marble Falls High School  Project Graduation in the process. They’ve seen skaters of all skill levels.

“We see a lot of little kids attempting, and there are people that have previous rollerblade or rollerskate experience that are doing pretty good,” said Camryn James, a senior at Marble Falls High School. “But it’s just a variety of people. There are some people that can get out there on the ice and immediately pick it up. There are some that need to hold the wall to get their balance. It’s kind of all over.”

Admission to the rink is $10 in advance and $12 at the gate. Skate rental is included in the price. Tickets can be purchased in advance online. Group reservations are also available. Lakeside Park is located at 305 Buena Vista Drive.

Skating is 5-10 p.m. daily, weather permitting. The rink will be open 5-8 p.m. on Christmas Eve but closed on Christmas Day.