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Hill Country Birth & Wellness offers ‘low- to no-intervention’ options

Hill Country Birth and Wellness in Burnet

Ashley Collie, LM, CPM, stands in a birthing room at Hill Country Birth & Wellness. The center, 1407 N. Water St. in Burnet, is holding a ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday, Nov. 13. Staff photo by Alex Copeland

A ribbon-cutting ceremony for Hill Country Birth & Wellness is noon Friday, Nov. 13, though it is already open for appointments. 

The center, located at 1407 N. Water St. in Burnet, features the touch of certified doula, Texas Licensed Midwife, and Certified Professional Midwife Ashley Collie.

“We do low- to no-intervention birth. You’re coming in because you want to have as little intervention in your birth process as possible,” Collie said. “It’s very important to me that my clients are cared for not just physically but emotionally, nutritionally, all of those things that play a huge factor in how their pregnancy outcomes will be.”

Services offered include classes and education, monitoring the physical and psychological well-being of the mother throughout the childbearing cycle, postpartum support, and referring women who require obstetrical attention. It also offers options for birthing on site or at home.

Appointments are made over the phone at 512-686-6262 or online.