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Baker seeks Food Network prize

Marble Falls baker Heather Hamilton

Marble Falls baker Heather Hamilton is in a sweet spot for a Food Network online competition, but she needs the Highland Lakes' help so she can rise above the rest of the field. Courtesy photo

A Marble Falls baker has nearly made it to the top of the Food Network-sponsored online competition The Greatest Baker.

Heather Hamilton made it through the first round by landing in the top 10 of The Greatest Baker and now sits in fourth place during Round 2 of the popular vote competition. A final round remains.

People can vote for Hamilton online through 10 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 12.

“About a year ago, they were doing a TV show for it and then COVID hit, and I didn’t hear anything for months. But then, I saw they started to do an online competition,” Hamilton said. “I sent them some photos of cakes I had done, and I got in.”

Participants succeed or fail based on the number of votes they receive. A person is allowed to vote three times a day, but can “hero vote” by donating money to the nonprofit No Kid Hungry.

Winners receive The Greatest Baker of 2020 title, $10,000, and a year’s supply of Stuffed Puffs marshmallows. They also will be featured in Bake from Scratch Magazine. 

With the prize money, Hamilton said she would open a storefront and expand her baking enterprise.

“I’m working from home because I have kids that I’m homeschooling, but I also recently started warm cookie deliveries out here in the Hill Country,” Hamilton said. “I’m the only one out here that offers that.”

Right now, she sells warm cookies by the dozen, allowing patrons to mix and match flavors and styles with alternating flavors of the month. 

“I’d like to have a storefront and continue to do my cakes but expand and hire someone to help me out with deliveries and other things.”

Hamilton is largely self-taught and worked in the pharmaceutical industry prior to becoming a professional baker.

“I’ve come a long way, cried a lot of tears, stayed up late at night, early mornings,” she said. “I’m just a perfectionist, and I want people to be happy for something that they’re paying for.”

To view her bakery menu, visit Hamilton’s Facebook group Melrose or email

2 thoughts on “Baker seeks Food Network prize

  1. I want my 3 votes to go to Heather Hamilton as the best baker. I can’t see a place to vote.

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