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Burnet County topped 1,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, Oct. 28, and had an estimated 250 active cases.

The total count jumped 97 cases from 950 on Tuesday to 1,047 on Wednesday. Burnet County Local Health Authority Dr. Jules Madrigal partly attributes the sudden uptick to older test results from the Burnet County Jail, which officials were not aware of until recently. The number of active cases rose from 162 to 250 over that same 24-hour period.

According to the Texas Department of State Health services COVID-19 webpage, the only day with a higher new case count in Burnet County was July 27 at 110. The state has been tracking cases since March 14. The county’s first confirmed COVID-19 case, according to state records, came on March 24.

4 thoughts on “Burnet County tops 1,000 COVID cases

  1. The ignoring of mask wearing in this county is utterly ridiculous. People take pictures and flaunting them on social media–“Look at me not wearing a mask and I dare someone to say something”–It is SHAMEFUL. One simple thing that you could do but you refuse. We have more cases that Williamson county and less than half the population. WAKE UP AND WEAR A MASK!

  2. There were 2 cases in March and now 1,000. This is being driven by the anti maskers, who care so little about their fellow community members that they won’t just wear a mask. Such a simple thing to help slow the spread. At least now the rest of us know who we can’t count on in an emergency.

    1. I don’t know of any tracking information that proves from whom anyone caught this virus. Everyone has some degree of responsibility for their own health and safety. Everything isn’t always someone else’s fault. And I just lost a family member, so I’m not just speaking philosophically or emotionally.

    2. It’s sad to see. Wearing a mask is easy. If my 5 year old can wear it all day at school (which he does), so can you grown adults.

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