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Llano County adds another environmental crimes investigator

Llano County adds environmental crimes investigator

Llano County Environmental Crimes Investigator James Brown (left) and Llano County Attorney Rebecca Lange welcomed Eric ‘Cash’ Cashion to the team. Courtesy photo

Llano County Attorney Rebecca Lange’s office is stepping up its efforts against environmental crimes with the addition of a second investigator.

Officer Eric “Cash” Cashion joined the environmental compliance and enforcement section in September, but he’s already begun mastering environmental law and compliance standards. He joins James Brown in the department. 

Cashion brings 13 years of law enforcement and corrections experience with him from a number of Texas agencies. Prior to joining the Llano County Attorney’s office, Cashion was a member of the Llano Police Department. 

According to a Llano County Attorney’s media release, the two officers have already addressed several environmental concerns and complaints. 

“While remaining cognizant of the challenges created by COVID-19 for law enforcement, the officers have developed and implemented effective surveillance and compliance strategies that have abated environmental concerns related to littering at low water crossings, commonly referred to as ‘slabs,’ located throughout the county,” the release stated. “Similar surveillance strategies have been successful in addressing illegal dumping concerns at Black Rock Park on Lake Buchanan.”

The officers investigate crimes such as illegal dumping, illegal burning, and public nuisance as defined by the Texas Health and Safety Code.

Llano County residents with concerns or information regarding possible environmental crimes or issues can contact the two officers or learn more about filing a complaint through the county’s environmental compliance and enforcement webpage.