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Unshakable Grounds receives COVID-19 grant from Spider Mountain and partners

Unshakable Grounds in Burnet

Unshakable Grounds coffee shop, located at 134 S. Main St. in Burnet. Staff photo by Jennifer Fierro

Spider Mountain Bike Park along with Coleman Charitable Foundation and Mountain Capital Partners awarded an almost $4,000 grant to Unshakable Grounds coffee shop in Burnet through a grants program facilitated by the Burnet Chamber of Commerce. 

The money was a percentage of the annual preseason pass sales at Spider Mountain, located on Lake Buchanan, and was matched by the Coleman Charitable Foundation. The grant’s purpose is to offer assistance toward long-term economic recovery to a local restaurant impacted by COVID-19. 

Unshakable Grounds owners Cindy and Michael Brown had several ideas on their winning grant application to help increase business. Not having a drive-through window made things difficult for the coffee shop under COVID-19 health restrictions. One idea the Browns included in their grant application is to create a personalized mobile app so customers can order and pay ahead for curbside pickup. 

“We were greatly surprised and humbled to find out that Spider Mountain chose us as the recipients of this grant,” Cindy Brown said.

Grant applications from Burnet restaurants were submitted in September to the chamber and each included a brief description of the business, how it was impacted by the pandemic, and how funding would be spent.

4 thoughts on “Unshakable Grounds receives COVID-19 grant from Spider Mountain and partners

  1. Unshakeable Grounds makes an excellent cup of coffee and also provide delicious baked goods, soup, and sandwiches. Cindy and Michael also provide a much needed meeting space for locals. Congrats to them on the much deserved grant.

  2. TruTexan then don’t go there. There are lots of people who go there and like it

  3. I’m a Burnet resident, but I go to Mojo when I want to pick up a coffee. Much better coffee and vibe. Unshakable is drab and pushing the religion theme a little too hard.

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