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The number of active COVID-19 cases in Llano County has risen above 20, making the county no longer exempt from Gov. Greg Abbott’s face coverings order.

The exemption lasted six days.

Llano County Judge Ron Cunningham filed for exemption from the face coverings order with the Texas Division of Emergency Management on Sept. 15 when the county had five active cases. The county received confirmation of that exemption on Sept. 23.

“However, by that time, our number of active cases had increased to 15,” Cunningham said in a statement. “Over the last six days, our numbers have slowly increased and at this time Llano County is once again over 20 active cases.”

Counties are eligible for exemption when their number of active COVID-19 cases falls below 20 for 14 consecutive days. Llano County had previously stayed under 20 cases over a 30-day period.

After a 30-day waiting period, Llano County officials can reapply for the exemption if the county has fewer than 20 new COVID-19 cases for the 14 days prior to the reapplication. 

1 thought on “Masks back on in Llano County

  1. It should have never been lifted to begin with. I can hear the nay-sayers crying right now…the ones who think that it is as hoax, etc. It’s real. Ask some folks who have lost loved ones to this

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