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Bertram seeks downtown improvement grant

Bertram seeks grant to improve downtown

Grange Street in historic downtown Bertram stands to benefit from the Texas Community Development Block Grant Program’s Downtown Revitalization Grant. The city requested the grant to improve lighting and add ADA-compliant sidewalks on several streets in Bertram’s downtown area. Staff photo by Alex Copeland

Bertram is in the running for Texas Community Development Block Grant Program money to improve its downtown, which could boost businesses along Grange Street and other parts of the historic area. The cities of Marble Falls and Granite Shoals have applied for similar grants.

The program allows for grant requests up to $500,000 to expand economic opportunities in small, rural communities. Awards are scheduled to be distributed in December.

Bertram is asking for money to install Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant sidewalks and lighting downtown. 

The installation area would be four stretches of road: Vaughn Street from East Street to Lampasas Street; Texas 29 from Gabriel Street to Lampasas Street; Grange Street from Vaughn Street to Railroad Street; and Lampasas Street from Texas 29 to Railroad Street.

The city of Marble Falls application asks for money to install ADA-compliant sidewalks, water lines, and sewer lines, and make other street improvements downtown.

The city of Granite Shoals has its eyes on a grant drawing from the Fire, Ambulance, and Service Truck Fund to purchase a new fire engine. Granite Shoals is committing $5,000 from its general fund as a matching contribution toward the administration activities involved in the project.

1 thought on “Bertram seeks downtown improvement grant

  1. The city of Granite Shoals could use some street lights on their streets too. The only street light that there are are the ones that the residents pay for either in front of their homes or in their own yards. Hasn’t been that long ago that we bought a fire truck. But of course Granite Shoals doesn’t care about their citizens that have to walk at night and their safety.

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