Scary volunteers needed for Granite Shoals Halloween event

Volunteers are needed to frighten visitors at Tremble on the Trail, a Halloween trek of terror set for Oct. 29-31 on the Manzano Hike, Bike, and Run Trail at Quarry Park, 2221 N. Phillips Ranch Road in Granite Shoals. Admission is free, though organizers may ask for donations of canned goods to give to Joseph’s Food Pantry, the city’s food bank.  

The event is patterned after similar Halloween happenings in some of  the cities that Granite Shoals City Manager Jeff Looney has worked for in the past. 

“We’ve been thinking about what we can do to enhance things here,” said Looney, adding that the “Tremble” events have been big hits with residents of all ages. 

“It’s hokey stuff, but the stuff doesn’t have to be gory,” Looney continued. “I don’t want any gore. We want to leave it to the imagination.”

In other cities, volunteers created stations on street blocks that families walked to for a fright. 

The event is a good fit for the trail at Quarry Park. Volunteers will be assigned to one of a dozen stations with the following themes:

  • three witches around a cauldron
  • a mad scientist sticking his hand in spaghetti and eyeballs
  • Dracula
  • a mask scene where masks can be painted in different styles and colors
  • a vet putting Uncle Wolfy the werewolf back together using a chain saw
  • Papa Clyde behind a chain-link fence that’s hooked up to a battery charger to create positive sparks
  • a jailbird electric chair
  • a clown “being goofy and silly”
  • ghosts
  • an Egyptian tomb
  • a crypt
  • an old lady surrounded by spiders and cobwebs handing out popcorn balls

Those interested in volunteering may contact Looney at or call 830-598-2424.

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