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New barbecue restaurant opening in Burnet

Warehouse BBQ in Burnet

Warehouse BBQ and Meetery is opening soon in Burnet. Staff photo by Alex Copeland

Warehouse BBQ and Meetery will open Oct. 1 at 305 N. Water St. in Burnet.

The menu will feature brisket, ribs, and more. Outdoor seating and a pending liquor license will arrive just in time for cooler weather.

5 thoughts on “New barbecue restaurant opening in Burnet

  1. I’m thinking Stan has a stake in the Warehouse BBQ joint, I’ll let you know if Stan is right.

  2. Sorry, we actually need a ‘good’ BBQ place in Burnet…..something along the quality of Young’s in Lampasas….Bird’s is 1*, Payne’s is 2.5*…..I’m intending that Warehouse BBQ is at least 4*…..

  3. So we really need another bbq place in this area? How about Mediterranean or Vietnamese or literally anything else?

  4. Bird’s BBQ across the hwy serves great BBQ and a delicious loaded baked potato….YUMMMM!!

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