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Ms Lollipop party shop moving to new Main Street location

Ms Lollipop party shop moving to new location

Cheryl Westerman, owner of Ms Lollipop Parties, Fun & Gifts, and store employee Deborah Peters are moving the shop to a new location on Main Street. Courtesy photo

Ms Lollipop Parties, Fun & Gifts is moving one block over on Main Street in Marble Falls to a bigger space that will allow for more merchandise and room for customers to shop. The new location will open in October.

Currently located at 302 Main St., the store is moving to the former home of It’s All Goode at 208 Main St., increasing retail space to more than 3,000 square feet from its current 670 square feet. 

Owner Cheryl Westerman wants Ms Lollipop to be a memorable outing for Main Street shoppers.

“My life is to create a place of happiness for everyone,” she said. “If you have a happy experience in shopping, you’ll create a successful store.”

3 thoughts on “Ms Lollipop party shop moving to new Main Street location

  1. I think what you do is Amazing. I was wondering…my best friend loves Betty Boop! Would you happen to have t-shirts, short or long sleeved.for sale? I live in Johnson City..and would love to get her one for her B-Day..which is tomorrow. Thank you

  2. We are so excited for Cheryl! She does a wonderful job, and works so hard at her shop! Congratulations, and well deserved!
    Steve and Michele Parsons
    Choccolatte’s and Third St. Treasures Owners

    1. Thank You Steve & Michele! I love what I do, and feel everyone needs a happy place (especially this year)! I’m excited to expand and offer more fun merchandise that will bring out the kid at heart! We love our Choccolattes too! Let’s make Main Street the place to be! High-Five, Hugs & Happy Smiles 🙂 Ms Lollipop

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