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Burnet impressive in scrimmage; first football game Aug. 28

Burnet scrimmages Lake Belton

Burnet senior running back Marcus Escamilla was unstoppable in a scrimmage against Lake Belton on Aug. 20. He had 12 carries for 195 yards and a touchdown. Photo by Martelle Luedecke/Luedecke Photography

The Burnet High School football team gave fans plenty of hope for the coming season during an impressive Aug. 20 scrimmage against Lake Belton, one week before the opening game.

The Burnet Bulldogs start the season against Jarrell with a 7:30 p.m. kickoff Friday, Aug. 28, at Bulldog Field, 1400 Bulldog Stadium Drive in Burnet. 

During the scrimmage, the Bulldogs scored twice during the live, 20-minute quarter and twice during the controlled portion of the matchup. Meanwhile, the Burnet defense held Lake Belton to one score, which came in the controlled portion. 

One of the highlights wasn’t necessarily the score but the fact the team was on the field. 

“It was exciting to be in the stadium with fans and with one another. Here we are tonight getting to play football,” said head coach Jerod Rye. “Our only charge was to play fast and physical, and we’ll fix our mistakes. We spent the summer wondering if we were going to play, and here we are. I thought we flew around to the ball, and we’ll be better next week when it counts.”

No one had a better night offensively than senior running back Marcus Escamilla, who thrilled fans when he took a handoff and ran 90 yards to paydirt during the live quarter. In all, he had 12 carries for 195 yards and a touchdown. 

Senior quarterback Jaxson Denton had the first touchdown of the live quarter, scampering 5 yards to the end zone. During the controlled portion of the scrimmage, he hit junior receiver Devonte Miller for a 25-yard touchdown.

Junior running back Ethan Wolfe had six carries for 60 yards and a touchdown. His 2-yard touchdown capped a 10-play, 70-yard drive. During that drive, he had three carries for 52 yards, including one for 47 yards.

“We made a conscious effort to run the football,” Rye said. “We felt like, last year, had we run the football more, we thought we could have played two or three rounds in the playoffs. I thought we threw the ball well, but I don’t know that we caught the ball well.”

He was especially complimentary to the offensive line, which controlled the line of scrimmage against Lake Belton.

“I thought they played well,” Rye said. “Coming into August, we had five we thought would play the most. It was a huge open competition. Right now, we have seven or eight guys battling to win those jobs. I think it makes for a better product.”

The Bulldog defense also controlled the line of scrimmage against Lake Belton. 

“I felt like the defensive front played well,” Rye said. “They were active. I think we sped up things that gave people problems.”

For the 2020 football season, all tickets will be general admission and sold online though the BCISD athletics website. The families of students participating in Burnet football games, including players, band, cheerleaders, and team support, will have access to online ticket sales at 9 a.m. Monday each game week. General public ticket sales begin at 9 a.m. Tuesday.

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  1. It’s great to see the kids back to such activities, but what is the official response going to be when one of these children inevitably infect one or more of their team mates with Covid

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