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Marble Falls ISD remote learners now start two days later

MFISD changes start date for remote learners

Marble Falls school district Superintendent Dr. Chris Allen is asking parents to follow one or more of the district’s social media outlets as well as ensure the district has their email address for communications and updates. The district also changed the first day of school for remote learners to Friday, Aug. 21. Students attending in-person classes still start Wednesday, Aug. 19. Staff photo by Daniel Clifton

Marble Falls Independent School District students opting for distance learning have two extra days before they hit the books.

Superintendent Dr. Chris Allen said those students will begin class Friday, Aug. 21. In-class students will start as initially announced on Wednesday, Aug. 19.

MFISD is also designating Friday, Aug. 28, a day for all students to learn remotely. Allen said teachers will have assignments that students can do on their own that day.

“Here in the district, we’ll be reviewing the implementation of our safety plans about a week and a half after we’ve been in school,” Allen said. “So, if we need to make any tweaks or adjustments, we can make those quickly before we get too far into things.”

Allen also encouraged parents and students to follow district and campus social media outlets for updates. Also, he said, parents should make sure the district has an email address for them for communications.

Parents can update their email address and contact information via the district’s Skyward access page.

MFISD also posted the latest remote learning instructions, safety guidelines, and other related information on its COVID-19 page. Check it frequently for updates.

2 thoughts on “Marble Falls ISD remote learners now start two days later

  1. When are we getting our tax refund? You either start schools and teach or send our money bacl.

    This is a virus nothing more.

    1. They are starting school on the regularly scheduled start date of August 19 for students who come to school. For those who select to stay home and learn on a computer, school will start two days later. MFISD plans to open school for anyone who wants to attend.

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