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Massive turbines a sight to see, especially while stuck in traffic

A wind turbine blade in Marble Falls

A truck pulls a wind turbine blade across the U.S. 281 bridge in Marble Falls on July 15. These blades are the largest ones currently shipped in the United States, making for quite a sight and a traffic jam at times. Staff photo by Suzanne Freeman

You might have noticed some truly tremendous cargo recently making its way through the heart of Marble Falls. Or, at least, the traffic congestion it caused. 

Wind turbine blades of exceptional size have been trucking through town on their way to wind farms in Snyder from Port Aransas, their point of origin in the United States. 

How big are these blades, exactly?

“Those that you’re seeing are the largest that have ever been shipped in the United States today,” said Brandon Brown of Lone Star Transportation’s heavy haul project team. The company transports the blades. “They’re the longest by far at 74 meters.”

The route the blades take is determined, in part, by the state of Texas based on the dimensions of the cargo. Lone Star scouts the routes before its trucks take the trek and makes recommendations for changes as needed.

“With them getting this long, the routes are getting fewer and far between, if you can imagine what you can or can’t do,” Brown said.

The drivers and crew must transport the blades almost 500 miles from Port Aransas to Snyder.

3 thoughts on “Massive turbines a sight to see, especially while stuck in traffic

  1. Those environmental disasters only make money because of “tax breaks”. They never produce enough energy to be profitable. If the wind companies quit paying BRIBES to Congress to keep the bogus “tax breaks” the whole industry would dry up and blow away. They cost more to get rid of than the total of “energy” they ever produce.

  2. HMMMM……guess you see this every morning you wake up, can you please comment with evidence of your science, ENERGY has been achieved through several technologies, example; electricity generation technologies including gas turbines, hydro turbines, wind turbines, and solar photovoltaics …..ENERGY…AMERICA…..resources….

  3. One big environmental disaster that kills birds & is a scar on the landscape. Another unnecessary alternative energy source so China can make money! STOP the TURBINES! They are NOT effective & Anti Environment. Disgusting to see these huge obnoxious blades attempt to wind their way to where? God help us, this is a slap to the environment supported by junk science.

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