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The city of Marble Falls enacted a professional services agreement with Doucet & Associates during a City Council meeting June 16 for design and engineering services in Phase 1B of the parks improvement plan.

Phase 1B includes a boardwalk, a waterfall pavilion, gardens, and other amenities located on waterfront property owned by the Marble Falls Economic Development Corporation on the eastern edge of Lakeside Park. 

“We want to do something to convert (that space) from an eyesore into a really neat feature,” EDC Executive Director Christian Fletcher said. “We want to make sure we do it right, dress it up, and do something really cool with it.” 

Doucet & Associates will begin working on schematics, which will be shaped by input from the EDC board, the Parks and Recreation commission, and the City Council. No date yet for when construction will begin.

Part of Phase 1B will address the connection between the proposed hotel conference center and other phases of park development, but the primary purpose is to convert the space into a usable public area. 

“It’s meant to convert the EDC-owned property into a real public amenity,” Fletcher said. “Right now, it’s just waterfront property, and there’s not great access to it.” 

Phase 1A concluded in May with upgrades to Lakeside Park and boat ramps and the installation of a beach.

“This is not specifically for the hotel conference center project,” Fletcher said of Phase 1B. “Obviously, it will benefit them just as the beach and other amenities have, but these are all open to the public. We’re looking forward to kicking off the next phase of the waterfront redevelopment.”

3 thoughts on “Next Marble Falls park improvements include boardwalk, gardens

  1. Please do not go from bad to worse. THINK of all angles–Plan with MUCH MORE foresight —-safety should come first—and added amenities need MUCH MORE IDEA of serving our own people who are here to use parks often and not hotel people . Go back to the drawing board and consider the town people more. Thank you for serving your community.

  2. What happened to the downtown condo project by the park?

    1. I think that was going to be privately developed by the Ausmus family who were also going to develop the Waterford golf community in Smithwick. They went bankrupt in 2008.

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