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Spicewood woman killed in TX 71 crash

Spicewood woman killed in Texas 71 crash

A 46-year-old Spicewood woman died June 9 after a two-vehicle collision near the intersection of Texas 71 and County Road 401 in southern Burnet County. Staff photo by Alex Copeland

A 46-year-old Spicewood woman was killed June 9 in a two-vehicle collision that occurred at about noon at the intersection of Texas 71 and County Road 401 in southern Burnet County.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, a Ford Fusion driven by Loretta McClinton was stopped on CR 401 facing south as a 2017 Dodge pickup truck traveling westbound on Texas 71 approached the intersection.

The Ford pulled into the intersection, failing to yield the right of way to the truck, according to the DPS. The truck struck the car. 

McClinton was pronounced dead at the scene.

2 thoughts on “Spicewood woman killed in TX 71 crash

  1. This was my sister. I know Nothing will bring her back. We the family feel for the truck driver. He has to live with what happened. We forgive him it was an accident and it was my sisters fault. She would want him to move on and know she lived her life and it was time for her to go.

  2. News that is truly timely is a great improvement on sources here! I arrived at the scene of the Hwy. 71 crash before the state troopers did — so was most interested. It looked very bad, and was.

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