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The Burnet City Council approved a commercial utility assistance program at a special meeting Tuesday, June 2. The program is for businesses that have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

It offers grants in the form of 50 percent credit on electricity bills for the month of May 2020, up to $7,500.

“They need to demonstrate that they were significantly impacted by COVID-19 to qualify for the funding, but it’s a pretty simple process,” City Manager David Vaughn said. “We’ve done what we can to try and make it easy on people, but we do want to make sure that the money is focused on people who need it the most.”

The council might offer similar relief plans for future months but is waiting to assess the financial impact and need of local businesses following this first grant application program, Vaughn said.

“I think what’s important for people to understand, even though these businesses are allowed to open fully or at fifty percent capacity, there’s still a significant need that’s there by those businesses and by a lot of people,” Vaughn said. “We’ll be meeting with the council next week about some residential assistance as well.”

Information and applications are available at For more information, contact or Adrienne Field at 512-715 3214.

1 thought on “Burnet launches commercial utility assistance program

  1. How about people who have to commute to work and are still stuck at home because their jobs won’t allow them to return? How do you plan to aid people who are unable to collect on unemployment when their max benefits have been reached for the year, and they can no longer afford stay above water?

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