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Lakeside Park reopens

The new beach at Lakeside Park in Marble Falls

The city of Marble Falls is kicking off summer with a ribbon cutting for Lakeside Park at 4 p.m. Friday, May 22. The park underwent a large renovation as part of the city’s Phase 1A park improvements. Staff photo by Alex Copeland

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend and amid reopenings across the state, Marble Falls’ most visible park will officially open to the public.

The Marble Falls Parks and Recreation Department will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Lakeside Park at 4 p.m. Friday, May 22, at the new Lakeside Park Beach. The park is located at 307 Buena Vista Drive.

This marks the end of Phase 1A of Lakeside Park renovations, which included the beach, new park trails and restrooms, and boat ramp improvements.

“We’re excited to officially open up the parks. We’ve been soft opening for a few weeks, and now that we’re here, we figured we needed to go ahead to have the ceremony,” said Lacey Dingman, director of the Parks and Recreation Department.

The ribbon cutting was originally going to be earlier and a larger affair, but because of health and safety concerns due to the coronavirus pandemic, it has been scaled back.

“We’re expecting to keep it a small family just because of social distancing requirements,” Dingman said. “We felt it was important to go ahead and open the park so everyone knows that it’s open and can start enjoying it actively with their families.”

1 thought on “Lakeside Park reopens

  1. I’m really surprised they still have those cess pools at City Park. Yesterday, they were filled with algae, very dangerous getting out of them, way too slippery. I also see a ton of bugs in there. They need to re-think this dangerous design.

    1. It’s unsafe and very slippery, staff has not kept up with their “weekly cleanings”
    2. Creates bacteria and disease in those calm pool.
    3. The design does not make logical sense. It’s an algae bed made to create injuries.
    4. *Knock the furthest walls off facing the lake, they are not needed and would solve issue.
    5. You have to admit it’s not a very smart design, not really thought out too well.

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