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MFISD high schools going ahead with May 29 graduation ceremonies

Marble Falls High School graduation

Marble Falls Independent School District officials are committed to allowing the Class of 2020 for Marble Falls and Falls Career high schools walk across the stage on graduation night. The plan is for both schools to hold commencement ceremonies May 29. File photo by Diana Cox

Graduation ceremonies for Marble Falls and Falls Career high schools are still on for May 29, and Marble Falls school district officials are committed to in-person events, though they haven’t yet worked out the details.

The commencement ceremony for Marble Falls High School, with 270 seniors, is scheduled for 8 p.m. that Friday at Mustang Stadium, 2101 Mustang Drive. Falls Career High School’s graduation will be held at First Baptist Church, 901 La Ventana Drive in Marble Falls, with start time to be determined.

“We plan on having kids walk across the stage,” said Dr. Chris Allen, superintendent of Marble Falls Independent School District. “It’s one of the few events on a level platform. On that night, if we’re able to, we’re going to have kids walk across the stage.”

The district will firm up details once it receives more guidance from state and local government officials and health experts, some of whom are waiting to see how the coronavirus pandemic impacts Burnet County in the days to come.

Allen has had numerous conversations with experts about COVID-19, social distancing, and how to implement safety measures for graduation. Some want to wait until Gov. Greg Abbott reveals Phase 2 plans for reopening Texas. On April 27, the governor announced the April 30 expiration of the state’s stay-at-home order and released his plan to reopen the state in phases. The first phase, which allowed restaurant dining rooms and some non-essential businesses to reopen at 25 percent capacity and with restrictions, began May 1.

The second phase, which would allow an increase to 50 percent capacity and other non-essential businesses to reopen, could start as early as May 18.

School campuses have been closed since mid-March and will not reopen to in-class learning this academic year.

Seniors have had to miss out on many end-of-year celebrations. Some schools have postponed or canceled graduation ceremonies, but MFISD aims to go ahead with the important event.

While much attention is focused on graduating seniors, Allen pointed out that it’s a celebration for many.

Commencement is also for those who have helped the graduate reach that milestone, including their families, friends, faculty members, tutors, and those who witnessed the struggles along the way. 

Graduation symbolizes triumph. 

A big question is if the seniors’ loved ones will be able to watch them walk across the stage in person.

Allen made it clear that is what he and his staff want.

He noted that some high school ceremonies are designed to honor student achievements in academics, athletics, fine arts, and other activities. 

But during graduation, every senior gets their named called and cheered.

“It’s the only night you do that,” the superintendent said. “On that night, it doesn’t matter if you’re (ranked) number one or 201, you get your name called, and we all get to be proud because you’ve done something that gets you applauded that takes self-discipline.”

For updates on MFISD graduation ceremonies, visit the Marble Falls High School or Falls Career High School websites.

5 thoughts on “MFISD high schools going ahead with May 29 graduation ceremonies

  1. I think it’s awesome! Theirs is outside… I wish Llano would do the same!

  2. Thank god I got out of that sess pool town. Who in their right mind thinks any gathering of this capacity is a reasonable idea? I haven’t heard of a single other school having a graduation and it’s pathetic town officials allowing this to happen don’t see the risk this is putting people in. Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen but then again I’m not surprised because then again it’s marble falls.

    1. Well Anon you’re wrong Burnet and other schools around are having their graduations and these children have spent 12 to 13 years working very hard to make it this far and they deserve this honor. Texas is opening up and people are following protocol for protection for the most part. So darn chill out.

    2. Numerous schools in the greater Austin area are planning in-person graduations (including Burnet CISD and Faith Academy). I am curious though – since you seem so willing to publicly address his matter, albeit anonymously – how many active COVID-19 cases are in Burnet Co. right now? How many are associated with any Burnet Co. school staff member and/or student? Are cases increasing or decreasing in Burnet Co.? How many COVID-19 test have been administered in Burnet Co. and what percentage have come back positive? What safety protocols and social distancing plans will Marble Falls ISD/Burnet CISD/ Faith Academy implement? Do you have a senior graduating with the class of 2020?

    3. It’s a good thing you did leave “Anon”, but why are you giving your two cents on the local activities when you aren’t a part of it? Move on friend. Move on.

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