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Bill’s Burgers in Marble Falls closes

Bill's Burgers in Marble Falls closes

Amber and Max Cardenas, owners of Bill’s Burgers in Marble Falls, announced they will not reopen the location, even after the governor’s restrictions on restaurants are lifted. The couple opened the Marble Falls burger restaurant in June 2015. They are keeping the Burnet location open and still planning a new one in Lampasas. Staff photo by Jennifer Fierro

COVID-19 restrictions on restaurants have claimed a popular Marble Falls eatery.

On April 15, Amber and Max Cardenas, owners of Bill’s Burger in Old Oak Square on Main Street, announced on social media that the restaurant will not reopen, even after stay-at-home restrictions are lifted and COVID-19 has passed.

“We didn’t really know how to word it properly,” Amber Cardenas said. “The deciding factor was COVID-19 restrictions to only offer takeout orders. We weren’t experiencing any sales when we did it the few times it was offered.”

In March, Governor Greg Abbott restricted restaurants to takeout and drive-through operations in an effort to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which causes the respiratory disease COVID-19.

As a result, the couple chose to close the location and then made the painful decision not to reopen.

The original Bill’s Burgers at 306 W. Polk St. in Burnet is going strong, and Amber Cardenas believes that’s mostly due to location, parking, and the ease of getting in and out of the building.

That location will remain open.

The couple still plans to open a new locale at 904 N. Key Ave. (U.S. 281) in Lampasas. The opening was supposed to have been in late March but was postponed because of COVID-19.

At the time, the family’s intention was to have three Bill’s Burgers restaurants open: Burnet, Marble Falls, and Lampasas.

Amber Cardenas said the family is leaving the door open for a possible return to Marble Falls.

“We enjoyed being here, making friends here,” she said. “We had to make the best choice we could out of a bad situation. Given the situation, it definitely was the thing that pushed us out. We’re sad to go, but we feel we have to do it. We appreciate our guests and friendships over the years.”

In June, the Cardenas family would have celebrated the Marble Falls location’s fifth anniversary.

7 thoughts on “Bill’s Burgers in Marble Falls closes

  1. Simply the best burgers. Simply the best fries. Anywhere.
    I miss them already.

  2. Please come back if at all possible, maybe a better more visible location!
    You had the best burgers in this town!

  3. I called a few times to see if it was possible to get take out but no answer.I am sad to see them go.I have been trying to use all take out if possible to help locals.It is not alot but everything helps.We as a community should try to help them stay here.

  4. Family loved Bill’s Burgers in Marble Falls. We will certainly miss you. Don’t get to Burnett too often any more but will sure try.

  5. Can we as a community rally around this great place and owners? What could we do to help? What if we all tried to get Bills take out once a week or whenever you could. To be honest, I did not think of them for takeout and I am sorry.

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