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The Llano County attorney and sheriff announced the formation of the Llano County COVID-19 Education and Enforcement Task Force to review calls and take possible action over violations of the county’s Stay Home-Stay Safe Order.

Llano County Attorney Becky Lange and Llano County Sheriff Bill Blackburn implemented the task force April 6.

“The mission of the task force is not to penalize citizens or businesses for violations of the order but ultimately to encourage compliance and maintain social distancing standards through Llano County until this virus is no longer a threat,” according to a Llano County media release.

Officers from each of the law enforcement agencies within Llano County will form the task force, which will coordinate efforts among those units with the idea to provide consistent education of Llano County’s Stay Home-Stay Safe Order.

And, if necessary, members will enforce violations of the order issued April 1 by Llano County Judge Ron Cunningham. The order outlines essential businesses, activities, and infrastructure and describes social distancing procedures.

The order, which falls closely in line with Gov. Greg Abbott’s executive order issued March 31, includes a list of businesses that need to close in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

“Llano County is committed to take every measure possible to protect its residents against the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic,” the release stated. “The Llano County Stay Home-Stay Safe Order was issued to provide the citizens, businesses and visitors in Llano County the most current and best available protective measures requested by the President, Center(s) for Disease Control (and Prevention), Governor Abbott and Texas Department of State Health Services.”

County officials ask that people don’t notify the task force about issues that can be best handled between individuals or businesses.

“We encourage residents of Llano County to continue to be disciplined  in their activities and to be courteous when reminding others about social distancing and the Llano County Stay Home-Stay Safe Order,” the release stated.

Violating the order can lead to a criminal charge punishable by up to 180 days in jail and a fine up to $1,000. 

Questions or complaints regarding the enforcement of the stay-home order can be made by calling the sheriff’s office at 325-247-5767. Complaints of order violations will be forwarded to the task force for further investigation, education, and possible enforcement.

For more on how COVID-19 is affecting the Highland Lakes, visit the coronavirus resources webpage.

1 thought on “Llano County task force monitoring stay-home order violations

  1. What about postal workers at the counter in the P.O. (Kingsland). The one who helped me yesterday did not have a mask on – right there barely 2 ft from my face (I did have on a good mask – I am 75). I commented that I was surprised they are not required to wear masks and he commented “I am not worried about that”. I told him the big problem is that people can have this virus and spread it before they ever know they have it! That did not seem to sink in. Maybe y’all know who to contact about this issue.

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