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Businesses beware of fake Locals Love Us calls

Locals Love Us

The 2020 Locals Love Us magazine, which is on newsstands and in businesses now and online at

The Picayune Magazine and KBEY 103.9 FM Radio Picayune management is cautioning businesses about callers asking them if they’d like to purchase a plaque for their recent Locals Love Us award.

Several local businesses have reported receiving such calls, which appear to come from out-of-area numbers.

“If you get a phone call about your Locals Love Us award, verify that they’re with The Picayune, KBEY, or Victory Media,” said Mandi Goldsmith, Victory Media publisher and sales manager. “If you have any doubts, hang up and call our office, and we’ll verify if the person who called or contacted you represents us.”

Victory Media may be reached at 830-693-7152.

The Picayune Magazine and KBEY sponsor the Locals Love Us contest in which readers and listeners vote on their favorite businesses, organizations, places, and people in a variety of categories.

When one of the businesses contacted told the caller it had already purchased an advertisement for the Locals Love Us magazine, the person backed off.

“We really value our customers and everyone in the Highland Lakes,” Goldsmith said. “We don’t want anyone taken advantage of because of our name. If you have any questions, feel free to call our office. And please remember, don’t give out any information like your credit card number or other payment methods over the phone.”

If you received a call regarding Locals Love Us and have concerns or questions, call 830-693-7152 and ask to speak with Goldsmith.

You can view the complete list of 2020 Locals Love Us winners at

1 thought on “Businesses beware of fake Locals Love Us calls

  1. Hi, this is Krista Fisher at Fisher’s Iron & Metal in Marble Falls. We just got the call about the Locals Love Us award plaque. The caller ID said the name “Repupro” with a phone number of 734-929-5419. Please be aware that this is a scam. They said they made the plaques for the Picayune and just needed to know what size and color boarder should be. They said they will mail it directly to me, even though last year my sales rep deliver the plaque to us. It was a woman that had called, but when I questioned her about it she put her male ‘supervisor’ on the line. We received a similar call last year, but I do not believe it was the same people, but I cannot guarantee it. Don’t give out any information to these people, please!

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