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Lampasas’ Putters & Gutters Fun Center is bringing bowling, miniature golf, skating, and more to Marble Falls later this year, the business announced over Facebook on January 29.

The 27,000-square-foot facility will be built on U.S. 281 near the Pedernales Electric Cooperative office in Marble Falls. The planned completion date is September 2020.

Along with a miniature golf course and a bowling alley, the Marble Falls location will have a 14,150-square-foot outdoor performance space, a 7,700-square-foot skating rink, a 3,500-square-foot arcade room, and a 1,500-square-foot kitchen.

“It is really big,” said Monica Roedler, chief financial officer for Putters & Gutters.

While the Lampasas location features 12 lanes for bowling, the Marble Falls center will be substantially larger with 20 lanes.

“When we built Lampasas, we didn’t know to hold tournaments we had to have sixteen lanes or more, so Marble Falls will hold twenty lanes,” Roedler said.

Putters & Gutters in Marble Falls plans to have bi-monthly live performances at its outdoor space, much like the Lampasas location.

“We’re hoping by September to be completely built,” Roedler said. “In Lampasas, we built in phases, so we’re excited to build the whole thing at one time.”

2 thoughts on “Putters & Gutters opening Marble Falls location

  1. will they be holding league bowling, and if so will you have a youth league as well?

  2. How exciting! We’ve been wanting to start bowling again but couldn’t find anything near Buchanan Dam.

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