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Marble Falls McDonald’s to be demolished and rebuilt

Marble Falls McDonald's to be rebuilt in 2020

Marble Falls McDonald’s owner and operator Maria Lim looks over the schematics for the restaurant's new building. The Marble Falls location will close January 26 with bulldozers arriving January 30 to begin demolition. Lim said it will take approximately 100 days to tear down the current structure and build the new one. Reopening is scheduled the first or second week of May. Staff photo by Daniel Clifton

After 31 years, the Marble Falls McDonald’s is getting a new look, but not just a renovation.

“It’s a total rebuild,” owner and operator Maria Lim said.

Located at 1605 RR 1431, the fast-food restaurant will close January 26 before demolition begins.

“We’ll have about three days to get everything out we need, and then they’ll start demolishing it January 30,” Lim said.

Lim hopes to reopen a new McDonald’s at the same address the first or second week of May, about 100 days after demolition on the old structure starts.

When the Burnet McDonald’s, which she also owns, was torn down and rebuilt in 2017, it took about 100 days.

While the Marble Falls location is closed, some employees will be shuttled back and forth to the Burnet location. Others, Lim said, have decided to take time off during the rebuild.

The new McDonald’s will have a modern look and be closer to 1431, allowing for two drive-through lanes, Lim said.

“It’s going to be a brand new McDonald’s,” she added. “I’m excited about it.”

Customers can see diagrams of how the rebuild will look in the lobby of the current structure before it closes. Not many McDonald’s locations sport this new style. Even the Burnet location is different.

Lim purchased the Burnet and Marble Falls franchises in 2006. She trained for a year before the McDonald’s corporation would allow the transaction. In the past 13 years, Lim has worked to turn the businesses into more than just restaurants. She hosts community events at both, including first responder and teacher appreciation days.

She admitted that closing the Marble Falls location for 100 days makes her nervous but believes customers will be excited and pleased with the new look when it reopens in May.

“We’ll be back,” Lim pledged.

3 thoughts on “Marble Falls McDonald’s to be demolished and rebuilt

  1. Are they keeping the playground with this update? My son is wanting to know

  2. Good ridings. It’s a filthy and disgusting restaurant. Shame on you Maria Lim.

  3. Great. Use the time to train staff to get drive in orders correct at least most of the time!

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