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Here we are at the beginning of a new decade (I looked it up, and 64 percent of Americans agree the new decade begins in 2020 not 2021 so I’m going with that). As we begin our new year (and our new decade), I reflect on the many achievements the Burnet community has accomplished in the past 12 months and look with anticipation to the next 12.

From the development of multiple housing opportunities to infrastructure improvements to economic development expansion, I am proud of and thankful for so many things. The city of Burnet and the Burnet Economic Development Corporation, often working hand in hand with private entities, have been key in the success of many of these accomplishments, and it is my goal that this continues into the new year.   

During the budget process, the Burnet City Council reviewed and committed funding for a number of proposed projects, including infrastructure improvements, parks improvements, equipment purchases, and community development. While infrastructure may not be as exciting or as noticeable as other projects, it is one of the most important parts of the capital expenditures. Not only does it improve residents’ quality of life, it is key for economic development.

The City Council is committed to making Burnet all it can be and, in that, recognizes the importance of continuing our partnerships with both public and private entities. We recently dedicated a new roadway to the Eastside Commercial Park as Richard Sanders Parkway, and you can see construction on new commercial enterprises already happening there. Other commercial entities are either under construction or in the planning stages. The new Burnet Police Department began construction just after the first of the year. Wedding Oak Winery has located in the recently restored Badger Building, bringing yet another gem in the crown that is our Historic Downtown District.

The new year promises exciting developments, and I know the City Council looks forward to seeing them to fruition.

Message from the Mayor is written by Mayor Crista Bromley.

3 thoughts on “Message from the Mayor: Exciting developments in Burnet for 2020

  1. Please pave Houston-Clinton. Ive had two back surgeries and this road is like off-roading. Its been bad for a long, long time!

  2. I live in Burnet I would like to see a big restaurant like Golden corral or a Denny’s or an Olive Garden not another fast food restaurant or a Mexican food place thank you

  3. About which decade we live in: There was no year ‘0’ but a year ‘1’ in the very first decade – which will end after 10 years have PASSED. The 2nd decade begins at year 11. The millennium? 2000 yrs must PASS before we began the 3rd millennium.
    A new year, decade, century and millennium began Jan 1, 2001.
    The opinions of 64% of us don’t agree, which is not surprising as we live in age where
    opinions trump facts.

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