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Bear King of Marble Falls among best new breweries

Bear King Brewing Company of Marble Falls among best

Brewer's assistant Kael Brannan and Bear King co-owner J.D. Guidry sample one of their signature brews. Bear King Brewing Company of Marble Falls was listed among the top 10 best new breweries in the first Texas Craft Beer Report. Staff photo by Alex Copeland

Bear King Brewing Company of Marble Falls is among the top 10 best new breweries in the first Texas Craft Beer Report, which was released in December.

“It was very humbling for us to be chosen. We were beyond excited about it,” said Bear King co-owner Grant Guidry. “Hopefully, it’ll catch some people’s attention and bring some recognition to Marble Falls. Knowing it was from industry professionals, saying that this is a great brewery, it definitely felt really good. With all of the work we put into it, it felt validating.”

Independent craft beer analytics company Hopalytics based the report on a survey of 926 craft beer consumers and 144 craft brewing industry professionals. Hopalytics considered 429 breweries in the study.

Siblings and co-owners Grant Guidry, Blake Guidry, J.D. Guidry, and Jackie Blakely (formerly Guidry) opened Bear King’s doors in February 2019. The brewery built up its stable of regular beers — the “core four” — early on and is now setting aside time to experiment with new and different brews.

“I think that’s what people come to breweries for, to try different beers that they might not ever have had the opportunity to try,” Grant Guidry said. “And us being in an area that is not very saturated in the brewery game, I think it helps us to bring out the wacky stuff, the cool stuff.”

Bear King is getting ready to barrel about half of an imperial oatmeal porter for three months. The other half will go straight on tap, ultimately creating two beers with different flavor profiles.

“You have both worlds,” J.D. Guidry said. “It’s good to be consistent with your beers but also to dabble into the unknown.”

Hopalytics ranked the breweries by four different categories: overall consumer reputation and experience, reputation for producing the best beer, how excited the industry is for what the brewery will do in the next 12 months, and contribution to the growth of the Texas craft beer industry. The best new breweries scored well in at least one or two categories.

The top 10 new breweries in Texas (in alphabetical order) are:

  • 12 Fox Beer Company (Dripping Springs)
  • Astral Brewing (Houston)
  • Bear King Brewing Company (Marble Falls)
  • Brutal Beerworks (Dallas/Fort Worth)
  • Central District Brewing (Austin)
  • Megaton Brewery (Houston)
  • Nomadic Beerworks (Austin)
  • Roughhouse Brewing (San Marcos)
  • Tall City Brewing Company (Midland)

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