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Meet the new Marble Falls Parks and Recreation director

Lacey Dingman

Lacey Dingman is the new director for the Marble Falls Parks and Recreation Department. Her first day was December 9. Staff photo by Jennifer Fierro

New Marble Falls Parks and Recreation Director Lacey Dingman began her first day learning how much people enjoy the department’s activities throughout the year and especially during Christmas.

“I’m excited to get here and get versed,” she said. “I want to familiarize myself with the plans and what’s happening.”

Dingman’s first day on the job was December 9. And with all of the upcoming holiday activities and ongoing projects, including a downtown ice skating rink and major renovations to Lakeside Park, it’s a busy time.

She’s taking over the department after former Director Robert Moss resigned earlier this year. Dingman is only the second Parks and Recreation director in the city’s history.

During a Parks and Recreation Commission meeting on her first day, she heard over and over the importance of recreational activities to residents and visitors alike. 

It’s a message she takes to heart.

Dingman spent the last 2½ years as the Parks and Recreation director for the city of Commerce, where she oversaw every aspect of the department.

She worked closely with the Economic Development Corporation in Commerce and the city’s downtown coordinator and oversaw the parks department’s capital improvement projects. She will do much of the same in Marble Falls.

Without question, she said, developing solid relationships with staff, residents, and visitors is at the top of her list.

“It’s been a priority I have that I’ve taken with me,” she said. “Hopefully, I can continue to foster relationships here.”

Before her position in Commerce, Dingman was the recreation manager in the city of Hutto for six years, organizing multiple special and after-school events, youth programs, and camps. While there, she worked closely with youth sports league leaders.   

Before that, during an 18-month position with the city of Georgetown, Dingman worked in the recreation center, creating indoor and outdoor programs.

Dingman got her start in parks and recreation in Stephenville, her hometown, as an entry level lifeguard in 2000. She later joined the ballfields maintenance crew and worked her way up to full-time employee as the recreation supervisor in charge of all recreational programs before leaving for Georgetown in 2010.

She noted some of the parallels between Commerce and Marble Falls: hard-working families, adult and youth programs and sports leagues, and holiday activities.

“You were truly doing the most you could with the resources available,” she said.

Dingman will spend the next 30 days meeting the people who visit Marble Falls parks for festivals, events, and recreational enjoyment as well as city staff. She also wants to hear from people on what they’d like to see as far as recreational programs.

“I’d like to get to know those stakeholders and find out where we can jump in to assist,” she said. “I have a passion for recreational programming.”

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