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City of Marble Falls water customers have a new tool to monitor usage as well as identify leaks before they become serious issues.

The city is using the WaterSmart program to help utility customers better track and manage their water use.

“This is the second phase of the advanced metering infrastructure project completed earlier this year,” said Marble Falls City Manager Mike Hodge. “We are excited to make this service available to our customers to help them better manage their water use and utility bill. Water loss due to leaks on the customer side cost thousands of dollars a year, and we want to  prevent that from happening.”

Customers can access the WaterSmart portal with their account number and ZIP code. Once registered, they can set their profile for more accurate water-use recommendations and communication preferences such as leak alert, daily use, and bill forecast notifications.

Access to personal water use data should encourage “more conscientious use as well as providing customers with personalized tips for conservation, setting water-saving goals, (discovering) available rebate programs and, most importantly, (receiving) immediate notification in the event of a leak,” according to a city of Marble Falls media release.

If it is determined that a customer’s water use is higher than usual, the service will alert the person of a possible water leak by email, text, or a phone call.

“The city of Marble Falls is committed to providing the highest level of customer service by equipping customers with the technology and tools they need to manage their utility bill,” the city release added.

Check out the city of Marble Falls website for more information.