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A 66-year-old Granite Shoals man died October 3 after being struck by a trailer towed by a truck in the 8400 block of RR 1431 West. The victim was on a bicycle and wearing a helmet.

The driver of the truck, a 47-year-old Granite Shoals man, was traveling east on RR 1431. The bicyclist was also traveling east on the edge of 1431 when he was hit by the trailer and thrown underneath it then into a ditch, according to a media release from the Granite Shoals Police Department.

The driver saw what happened and immediately turned into the driveway of the Granite Shoals Fire Rescue station across the street to request help from firefighters and EMS personnel, according to the release.

The first emergency responder arrived one minute after being notified. CPR was immediately administered, but the man’s injuries were too severe, according to the release. He was declared dead on the scene by Burnet County Justice of the Peace Roxanne Nelson.

The victim’s next of kin arrived to make a positive identification, and an autopsy was ordered.

The name of the bicyclist is being withheld so extended family members can be notified.

An investigation by the Granite Shoals Police Department in conjunction with the Texas Department of Public Safety is ongoing. No criminal charges against the truck driver were filed.

“Just a sad situation,” said Granite Shoals Police Chief Gary Boshears on October 4. “Just a sad and tragic situation.”

Boshears said drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians should remember RR 1431 has limited shoulders in some spots and no shoulder at all in others.

“Drivers have to understand they have to share the road with bicyclists,” he said. “Bicyclists need to be aware and understanding of the dangers for bicycles. (RR) 1431 is one of the most dangerous roads” due to the number of vehicles.

“The curbs are narrow in some spots, high speeds (50 mph),” the chief added.

Boshears recommended drivers move to the other lane if possible to give pedestrians and bicyclists as much room as possible.

“They have every right to be on the road also,” he said. “It’s just an awareness factor. It’s sad – sad for the family of the bicyclist and the person driving the vehicle. We’re praying for both.”

Granite Shoals Fire Rescue, Marble Falls Area EMS, the Granite Shoals Police Department, and the Texas Department of Public Safety responded to the accident.

4 thoughts on “Granite Shoals bicyclist, 66, hit and killed on RR 1431

  1. I was under the impression RM1431 was off limits to bicycles. Just like IH 35. If not, they should NOT be allowed on roads with no WIDE shoulder. This should never have happened.

  2. One of the VERY WORST decisions ever made was to allow bicyclists on roads where there is obviously no safe distance between them and motor vehicles. This is so sad.

  3. i would ‘love’ to see RR 1431 widened with wider shoulders, from Kingsland to Marble Falls. traffic is heavy & only going to get heavier… wonder what the traffic count is… prayers to the family

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