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Marble Falls officials are asking people to take precautions with wild animals after a resident was bitten September 3 by a rabid fox.

The city of Marble Falls and Marble Falls Animal Services reported that, on Tuesday, a resident went outside to find a fox attacking her puppy. The woman grabbed the puppy, but the fox chased her into the residence after biting her on her leg several times. The fox was eventually killed and tested positive for rabies.

Animal Services is reminding the public to be alert around wildlife such as raccoons, skunks, coyotes, foxes, and bats.

To curb the chances of running into a wild animal with rabies, residents can make their property less attractive to wildlife by doing things such as:

  • • bringing pet food inside at night after your pets are finished eating;
  • • bringing water bowls inside at night if your dog or cat is not outside;
  • • and, if possible, bringing pets inside at night when wildlife tends to be more active.

Pets should also be up to date on vaccinations, Animal Services said.

If you see a wild animal acting strangely or come into contact with one, call the Marble Falls Police Department at 830-693-3611 or your local law enforcement agency. If bitten, seek immediate medical attention.