Granite Shoals man faces felony over ‘trash’ on property

Levi Baay

Levi Baay

A Granite Shoals man faces a felony charge for not cleaning up his property after numerous requests by the city’s code enforcement department.

His lack of response triggered an investigation on April 10 by Burnet County Precinct 4 Constable Missy Bindseil and then-Burnet County Environmental Crimes Investigator Chris Cowan.

According to a media release from the Granite Shoals Police Department, which assisted in the case, the code enforcement department contacted Baay to bring his property into compliance with city ordinances.

The property was described in the media release as containing a significant “amount of trash, debris, and other objectionable material.”

Baay was arrested August 18 in Robertson County and charged with illegal dumping of more than 1,000 pounds over 200 cubic-feet, a state jail felony.

This is just the beginning of an effort by the city of Granite Shoals, Granite Shoals police, and Bindseil to target environmental crimes. Since the investigation began in April, Cowan has joined the Granite Shoals Police Department. He is working with the code enforcement department, which falls under the police department’s oversight, to file charges on environmental crimes that “are very egregious and that warrant the application of criminal charges.”

Bindseil is currently working several active environmental cases within the city of Granite Shoals as well. The constable and the police department have formed a partnership to tackle environmental crimes in the city, a large portion of which falls within Precinct 4.

“The city administration is committed to cleaning up the city of Granite Shoals as a common complaint of residents and citizens are issues of neglected properties with code violations,” the media release stated. Criminal charges are a last resort in the process as the code enforcement department and police want to work with property owners to develop solutions for bringing properties into compliance.

Residents with questions or concerns or who know of a possible violation may contact the code enforcement office at 830-598-2424 or through the city’s website.

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  1. I’m glad to see something is being done to clean up Granite Shoals. We drove through there years ago to look at a house for sale and quickly left.

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